Thursday, August 8, 2013

'Purple Reign' by K'wan (an eBook novella)

Honor.  Love.  Loyalty.  Sex.  Death.  Usually that would be a tag line for one of my Roman books.  This time I’m talking about one of Harlem’s most talented writers, K’wan.  To me authors are celebrities and it’s an unwritten rule that once you’ve “made it” as a celebrity you only need one name.  Jordan, Beyonce’, Montana, Ah-nold… you get the idea.  K’wan is one of my celebrity authors who are like that. 

When an author puts out a book we rejoice.  When they put out an eBook between the yearly releases, it’s like extra caramel on… well… just about anything.  This time out the eBook is ‘Purple Reign’.  Chapter 1 opens this story with every man’s dream (if you have to ask then you might wanna get your testosterone level checked) and it doesn’t slow down. 

We head to Miami, and Miami is the place where you can get it ALL in your face!  The saying is “revenge is a dish best served cold”.  Apparently it should also be served naked.  Violence is a distance cousin of lust and lust is the horny uncle we all have and try to ignore.  Don B, Lord Scientific, and other brothers that have had their rep forged in concrete, prove that they are no stronger than the regular man when it comes to coño

What’s shocking is the manner in which it happens. 

One of the great joys I have as a reader is reading authors who write to the point of no return, past the point of no return, and then bitch slap the point of no return with pimp hand so hard you’re left wondering if they really meant to write that.  Well K’wan did and… damn!
‘Purple Reign’ is a shorter version of what K’wan does best.  Tell stories.  And the brotha’ does it well.  Very, very well. 

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