Wednesday, August 14, 2013

'The Loch Ness Legacy' by Boyd Morrison

Boyd Morrison’s first book was ‘The Ark’.  It was about the secret behind Noah’s Ark and the flood, but his take on the flood is very different, very interesting, yet very plausible.  His second book, ‘The Vault’, was a thriller about King Midas and his legendary “touch”.  The next one, ‘The Roswell Conspiracy’, was about Roswell/Area 51 and interspersed between the Tyler Locke adventures we get ‘Rogue Wave’, a book about a comet striking the planet and ghetto slapping Hawaii and ‘The Catalyst’, a book about science, technology, and the artificial making of diamonds.  Yeah. 

So as you can tell Boyd has a pretty healthy track record of writing books about the fantastic.  GOOD books mind you, but truly fantastic.  So I shouldn’t have been at all surprised to see that his new book ‘The Loch Ness Legacy’ is about out dear girl ‘Nessie’, the mythical Loch Ness monster… all… right… I’ll bite.  Actually this was an easy call for me because I’ve read all of Boyd’s book (less ‘Roswell’) and I have enjoyed them all.  But this one… even for Boyd it seemed like a stretch.

Tyler, our brilliant ass kicking scientist/soldier is back in his fourth adventure and he’s (again) rushing against the clock to save the world.  This time it’s to track down this creature, that they aren’t sure exists, in order to help staunch a weapon that was created by the Nazi’s from starting World War 3.  A mythological creature, Nazi’s, modern day terrorists, biological weapons… what the hell!?!  But that’s Boyd for ya’. 

The crazy man (because there’s always a crazy man) behind all this mayhem is Carl Zim.  A white supremacist with (who would have guessed) a very imbecilic view on who should populate this world.  He and his loyal numbskulls attack the Eiffel Tower and that is where this maze starts.  But this time it’s extremely personal because Boyd’s sister is forced in the fray and his best buddy Grant is caught with something VERY bad. 

‘The Loch Ness Legacy’ is another world traveling thriller that takes us from the fish tossing markets of Seattle, to Versailles France, to the highlands of Scotland, and to the depths of Loch Ness herself.  There are bad guys, hot women, cool weapons, and enough action to choke a unicorn.  No, unicorns don’t make an appearance in this book but you never know with Boyd. 

One of the best parts in this book for me?  That submarine.  I would LOVE to troll the depths in something like that.  Not sure if I want to look out and see the murky peat of Loch Ness, but a trip to the Marianna Trench or even around the islands of the Bahamas.  Yeah… I could get with that.  (Anytime you want to send that invitation Boyd…)  

As usual I had fun reading Boyd’s book because they are fun reads.  And get this… I even understood some of the crazy science and cryptozoology terms!  I guess you DO get smarter by reading.  Thanks Boyd for giving us another one to savor.


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