Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Why my book reviews are mostly 4 and 5 stars...

I was recently asked why are most of my book reviews are 4 and 5 stars? I've been asked this question in the past but its usually asked in a very condescending fashion and I have no problem answering in the manner it was asked. I have no problem being a dick especially if you ask for it. This time however it wasn't. So I figured I'd do a quick blog as to why most of my book reviews are favorable ones.

To me it's first grade simple: if I finish a book it's because I liked it. Period.

If I do not like a book then I'm not going to finish it, and if I don’t finish it I don’t think it fair to review it.

I've never been one of those book people that feels the need to finish a book just because I started it. There are too damn many good books for me to be wasting my time reading bland shit. I've got so many books in my "to be read" list I swear if I hear the trumpets for the second coming I swear I'm gonna ask God if he can postpone that for about three weeks. 

I just don't have it in me to "work" toward liking a book. If your story grabs me then praise be the blessed saint. If it doesn't, then like Jay-Z I'm on to the next one. Life is too short to read bad books.

But it got me thinking... what books have I given three or less stars to? And why?

‘Inferno’ by Dan Brown - 3 stars. This was a good book but just OK-good, not damn-this-was-good. Compared to his other stuff I was not taken. Good enough to finish, just not good enough to read again.

‘Ironhorse’ by Robert B. Parker and Robert Knott - 3 stars. This is the fourth book in Robert B. Parkers magnificent western series. The first four were just plain wonderful, this one missed on every piston. I finished it because I wanted to give it a chance because it was (on a much smaller scale) Parker’s book. After four very good books I thought, out of respect for the man himself, I thought he deserved that. He did, the author that took over didn’t.

‘Black Friday: Exposed’ by Ashley & JaQuavis - 3 stars. At the time of me reading this book I had already read four or five of their books. This one was… decent. It didn’t have that writing magic the others had. The story… decent. The characters were… decent… the writing was decent… Unfortunately "decent" is just another way to say regular.

‘The Cartel 2’ by Ashley & JaQuavis - 3 stars. This book was actually a very good book until the very end. The ending was absolutely TERRIBLE!! Those two are lucky that I’m not rich cause if I was I would have flown to where they lived, kicked their ass, flown back, got my personal affairs in order and move to Switzerland. I was physically mad after reading the ending to this book. And apparently I wasn’t the only one. The rub here is that these two are very talented writers but they went WAAAAYYYY off the deep end with the ending to this one.

Those reviews date back to 2011. I have a number of book review friends who WILL finish a book even if they don’t like it because that’s how they are. I have others who are part of a book review group who have to read a book because it’s one they picked or had assigned to them. I don’t envy them at all. I REALLY enjoy reading but I don’t think I would enjoy it as much if I was forced (in some way) to read book I didn’t like.

See? It wasn’t that difficult.

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