Thursday, January 30, 2014

'Inevitable Act. 1' by Johnie Jay

Angel McCloud is done with love after experiencing a broken heart by her deadbeat boyfriend. Vowing to take a break from relationships, now its all about her. Angel wants to have a little fun and cater to her sexual beast without commitment and drama and with the handsome, star wide receiver from the Detroit Lions, her delectable-bodied personal trainer from the past visiting town, and a coworker that’s been sniffing up behind her for a while now, it seems like she will get that chance. That is, if the sexy mystery man that keeps invading her life, thoughts and dreams, stops making her feel a craving that she never has before. Future Crowne used to be Mr. Nice guy and the hopeless romantic but it only seemed to get him overlooked and misused.

What a difference 5 years can make. Future is now the epitome of a player and a ladies man and to protect his heart he has no problem giving women a dose of their own medicine. Now they get only sex and great sex at that. Unfortunately he may have met his match with the sultry sexy Kandi. The one thing that he didn’t plan for was what felt like fate in the form of an unknown woman, rearing its head into his plans. Follow these two seemingly different people through exciting and tantalizing paths, drama filled nights and sexual triangles as they find out their inevitable truth.

Get to know Johnie:

1.  Tell us what this book is about.
Inevitable is a romance novel about soul mates.  I decided that instead of giving you one perspective I’ll give you the entire path of the two connecting, from both the main male and female characters.  You get to see what goes on in the other persons head what they are thinking what they are doing at the same time as the other.  I think through looking at both you will be able to get a clearer picture of the undeniable path of the two soul mates crossing.

2.  Why did you choose to write this book?

I wrote Inevitable to show that there may very well be a perfect person out there for you but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the person, themselves are perfect.  If there is such a thing as a soul mate then they will be what you need as well as what you want and sometimes what we need to complete us and to make us better may be indeed a hard pill to swallow.
3.  Tell us why your writing is unique.
I pride myself on keeping it real.  I really don’t think sugar coating things in my writing is the best policy.  Life isn’t sugarcoated which is what makes it more exciting and intriguing and it makes you take it seriously.  I want real people to be able to relate that’s why my characters are imperfect and the situations and scenes aren’t always ideal.  Life is unpredictable and I try to write the same way, to make readers look forward to the next page because anything in my novel is possible.
4.   What can we look forward from you?
To improve.  I always want to write better.  I believe I owe this to the people who will read my books.  No matter if they thought it was great, I want to blow great out of the water on the next book!

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