Wednesday, January 22, 2014

'Make Me Beg' by Allison Hobbs

There are times when I don’t know whether or not to finish reading Allison Hobb’s books or throw them through the damn window.  This one was no different.  No wait… actually this one was a little worse.  Usually there is one character in her books that I hate with a passion.

This time there were two.

Vanessa and Spike. 

I swear if there were two other people better suited for the ‘Darwin Awards’, I damn sure would like to meet them.  Vanessa is a sister who is married to a white guy.  She loves this white guy and she enjoys her life with this white guy.  Problem is, she loves to enjoy the… ummm… special tools of certain blessed brothers.  Her husband is lacking in a certain area, and because of this, once a month he allows his wife to satisfy her sexual needs with a Mandingo.  One catch though… Spike has to watch.

So this white guy not only helps his wife find and sleep with other men, he is a willing voyeur to that immoral decadence.  But this is an Allison Hobbs story so you know there is something else simmering just below the surface.  The sex that Vanessa needs to have is rough, hard, and sloppy.  Her jump-offs not only need to have large packages but they need to know how to use them.  And use them right.  After reading a few of her adventures I don’t see how this woman gets around without a wheelchair!

During their sexual escapades, Vanessa and Spike (BTW, Spike has a name is that a complete 180 from his actual nature) meet Quincy.  Quincy is a man who always gets what he wants and what he wants is Vanessa.  What he does with to her is as erotic as it is wrong.  He has that married woman twisted like a pretzel doing nude yoga.  I’ve heard of sexual domination but Quincy takes it to another level by dominating not only the wife… but also the weak ass husband.

Spike… they straight punked his ass!  It’s one thing being whipped by your woman good-good, but damn Spike really!?  And Vanessa… only Allison could write about a freak that still has a bigger freak inside her.  And I’m not gonna lie, Vanessa had a porno going on in her life and I was almost as bad as Spike with wanting to watch it. 

‘Make Me Beg’ is what we’ve come to expect from Allison.  Steamy, hot, raunchy sex with a cup and a half of depravity.  Perfect for readers such as myself… (and you too you freaks!)

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