Wednesday, February 19, 2014

'The Burning Men' by Christopher Farnsworth

It has been almost two years since we’ve last heard from Cade and Zach.  Two years of Chris having to fend off angry Twitter followers, two years of responding (or flat out ignoring) angry eMails from “concerned fans”, two year of hearing “when’s the next book coming out?”,“When will Cade be back?”,“When can I next read about Cade’s hot on and off again girlfriend?”.  OK I admit that last one was me… but you get the idea.

Chris tried to put these questions to rest in his blog but no one cared.  No one gave a damn.  We’re book lovers, and anything short of death will not be forgiven if you don’t give us our next fix.  And even in death, it better be one hell of an accident and not self induced or something as pathetic as going natural. 

No.  We want our next Cade, so get off your ass and get it done. 

And by done, I mean yesterday.

With ‘The Burning Men’, Chris sates our appetite just a little.  This is a short story that brings back our favorite undead government employee Cade.  He and Zach are on the trail of… something.  All they know that whatever it is, it has a nasty habit of having an impromptu barbeque with people as the meat.

The dark humor is still here as well as the fast action.  Made faster as this is a short story.  One can infer (hope might be a better word) that there will be more to this story in another short or in a full novel.  I certainly hope he brings back Dr. Ramos.  Anyone who has that reaction toward Cade deserves a chance to see how it plays out. 

If you’ve read Chris’s other works then you will certainly enjoy this.  And depending on which Amazon write-up you believe this book is between 34 and 52 pages.  All that fancy algorithm and they can’t even count. 

Either way I was just happy to hear that I could read about Cade again, even if it was just a little bit.  Chris put out a blast on Twitter and the news caught fire like… well like the dudes in this book.  Of course it was minus the seared skin, burnt bowels, singed hair, and the worst smell of them all, burnt popcorn.

Thanks for the tease Mr. Farnsworth.  Now get stuck in and give me my complete H.E.  

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