Friday, March 28, 2014

'Forever An Ex' Pre-order and 'Merry Ex-Mas' FREE eBook!

Would you like to receive a free e-copy of 'Merry Ex-Mas'? Even if you've already read it, you can give it away to someone who hasn't. 'Merry Ex-Mas'is the story of three women who are forced to spend Christmas with their exes -- Sheridan has to sit down with her ex and his fiancée, Kendall has to break bread with the two people she hates the most, and Asia has to make nice with her ex's wife. 

To get your free e-copy of 'Merry Ex-Mas', all you have to do is:

* Preorder a copy of 'Forever an Ex' (Release date - 6/17/2014) Just click on the links below, you won't be charged until the book ships, to get your preorder in now.

* Send a copy of your preorder receipt to with the email where you want the copy of the 'Merry Ex-Mas' e-book to be sent.

'Forever an Ex' - Amazon

'Forever an Ex' - Barnes & Noble

'Forever an Ex' - Russo's Books 

If you have any questions please send them to me

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