Monday, March 17, 2014

Tired of authors and their bitch-assness!

I sat here for about ten minutes trying to figure out where to start. I couldn’t figure out a “correct” way so I just decided to write.

I am sick and tired of lazy authors and lazy publishers who put out crap like this and have the nerve to think of themselves as purveyors of the written word. ‘Child of a Crackhead 2’ had to be the worst edited book that I’ve probably read since 3rd grade. When my classmates and I had to write a story.

No I am not kidding.

Notice I said ‘part 2’. Which means that I read and enjoyed part 1. It was brutal, raw, mean, dirty, sexual, violent, and gross. Everything that I enjoy in a book of that type was in that one. But I don’t remember having such a visceral reaction for that one as I do for this one. The formatting is this “book” was just wrong, the spelling was atrocious, and the chapters bled together like that one Nazi in ‘Indiana Jones and The Raiders of the Lost Ark’.

Seriously guys? You’re proud of this book?

I honestly tried to finish reading this book because I was enjoying the story, but this book was edited so badly that it literally took away from the reading experience. Now THAT’S bad. When you have the ability turn off an avid book reader because you were too damn lazy to take even the most remedial of editing classes, that’s saying something. There is NO excuse for this.


Once I started to see a pattern, I looked up the publisher, True Glory Publications and sent them an eMail - - to ask if this was a bad upload or maybe another explanation. I’ve been around the book world enough to know that in the digital age mistakes happen. As of now I have not heard back from them.

Side note:
I couldn’t find a website for them only various FaceBook pages, including the author, Shameek A Speight’s FaceBook page.

Still with the hopes that this was a bad upload I sent a note to Amazon asking them if they had any idea. They did not but told me they would contact the publisher to see if they could get an answer. In the meantime they would refund my money (.99) if I wanted. After I received the Amazon eMail I did some looking around online, and what I found only pissed me off more.

I am not by far the first person who has seen and commented on this “book’s” editing problem. Despite fellow book lovers going on Amazon and leaving reviews about the less than elementary school editing and Stevie Wonder style proofreading, the publisher/author have completely ignored them (us) and made a deliberate decision to keep publishing this ordure.

Shameek Speight and ‘True Glory Publications’ should be ashamed of themselves.

With all the trouble the book industry is in they go and add to the problem with publishing this crap. The fact that this book cost .99 isn’t (necessarily) the problem, but let me quickly add that you obviously get what you pay for. The problem is people who don’t know the difference between ‘their’ and ‘there’ and have the nerve to call themselves “Nationally Best selling” authors all while putting out subpar work that is damaging to themselves and to the our industry.

There is just no excuse for this type of inferior work and lack of craftsmanship and pride. If you have the time to write a “book” then you have the time to proofread, edit, reread, edit some more, proofread again, and edit again.

Only then should you start on your second draft.

If a book like this is the end product of your hard work then you need to choose another career path. Might I suggest something far away from anything to do with words, paragraphs, sentences, and definitions. Maybe a reality show.

My book world has individuals who sweat over the grammar. Individuals who take writing classes at night after a ten-hour shift. Individuals who write at Starbucks because they can’t afford Internet at home. Individuals who write and rewrite chapters to make sure the reader understands, feels, and enjoys the journey. Individuals whose outlines are as complicated as the original blueprints for the Roman Coliseum. Individuals who would rather spend twelve months getting it right than to put out work that would distress anybody with a third grade education.

It’s quite clear that Shameek and ‘True Glory Publications’ know none of them. 


  1. Lol got to much time on your hands

  2. Thank you Jason for speaking on an issue that is affecting, infecting, and just down right corrupting a love many of us have for reading. Then for publishers/ authors to just blow "us" the consumers off is just sad. With a statement of 'having to (instead off too), much time on your hands". Shows that we the consumers must do better with our spending dollars, then maybe the publishing industry will do better by us.

    1. You are welcome Ollie. You hit the nail on the head, even in his comment this fool can't spell or use proper grammar.

  3. Most of the time the errors within most completed works come from poor editing by shiesty editors who claim to be professionals but are not. They prey on new authors enthusiasm knowing that at the end of the day the readers will associate the spelling errors with the author as they walk away with the author' hard earned dollars... I also feel that you are tainting the whole company by doing so because many authors differ in their writing process. Even your article has a mispelled word. Does that make you lazy?

    1. I will grant you that mistakes do make their way into books. No editor or author is perfect. But you completely missed the entire point of my blog. This wasn’t just about ONE word, this was about the WHOLE DAMN book! Good lord man, you’re missing the forest for the trees. The only thing this “author” did by publishing this “book” is dilute the definition of ‘author’ and ‘book’.

      He’s an embarrassment. And anyone who defends this scat is just as bad.

    2. I just saw your "reply" on the web -

      I've been in the book business a long time Dion. The bottom line is that the final product is YOUR responsibility. You are the author and your name is on the book. Period. The shots I took at that "publishing" company were not cheap, they were warranted and well needed.

      Your explanations are a joke and your understanding of this book industry is pathetic. I had to reread your blog more than a few times to see if you were actually serious about what you were saying. I see that you were and that only frightens me more.

      Learn the business, learn the craft. I may be an amateur blogger, but at least my amateur stops with me and doesn't bleed over an entire company.

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    1. Since Cherrelle was too much of a coward to stand by her comment I'm going to post them here for you:

      cherrelle colarusso has left a new comment on your post "Tired of authors and their bitch-assness!":

      So funny you talk all this crap have you written a book? I Think not your just another hater in my eyes. Stick to selling books which I don't know joe you do, because you sound like a asshole. Next time bash yourself.

      **Geez, even his supporters are fools. Can anyone in their camp spell?"**

  5. As a newly published author, I feel it is necessary to proofread your book so many times until you simply can't do it anymore then have a professional company with a good standing edit your book. This is a profession so it should be treated as one.

    1. Dormaine,

      There was a time where proofreading and editing were necessary in the book industry. Now that it is exponentially easy for anyone with a laptop to put out a "book", that necessity has left todays author. And it's sad. Books should be seen as vehicles of intellect, not the harbinger of stupidity.

  6. As an author, I understand exactly where you're coming from, Jason. Authors have a responsibility to ensure that their books are up to publication standard before they're released. And by publication standard, I'm referring to books that are free from typographical and grammatical errors. Furthermore, they should be properly edited for content--in that the subject matter be as accurate as possible.

    If an author decides to publish independently and is not a skilled editor, formatter, and graphic designer, then I'd recommend that they hire a team of professionals to assist them in each of those tasks. Even if they're skilled editors, I'd still recommend that they seek out a professional because it's always best to have a fresh pair of eyes look over one's work. Real publishing houses would have in-house editors, formatters, and graphic designers, as they are expected to cover these costs, not the author.

    However, speaking from personal experience, there are authors who are frequently conned by fake editors. If a reader, regardless of how much they paid for a novel, complains about bad editing, then it's the responsibility of the author to take such comments seriously and make the necessary corrections as soon as reasonably possible. The same thing goes for a publisher.

    It's not uncommon to read reviews or complaints about poor editing and formatting, but when the author, or as in this case--the publisher--responds with asinine comments, such as "You have to much time on your hands" (and even proving their incompetence by misspelling the word 'too') rather than take the matter seriously, then they deserve to be bashed and exposed. Those kind of people aren't real publishers nor authors, they're con-artists.

    1. Thank you for your comments. As I search the web I'm seeing this discussion in other places and most people are on the side of common sense. Asking an author to spell correctly... come on now.

  7. I am an avid reader..I hate books with a lot of errors.I feel like when you write a book this is your lively hood.It says a lot.If your are a true writer or just trying to sell books.We as readers can tell the difference when am author is genuine

  8. Thank you for this. I purchased and read a few of Mr. Speight's books and it was so incredibly frustrating - I was trying to figure out how he has such a large readership when his writing is so darn poor! I can't agree that his only problem is the editing. But this way he has of being flippant at the bad reviews also shows that he is not a serious writer and doesn't care about quality. He is just a punk with a laptop and a bunch of followers of the same mindset. He reminds me of guys from the hood who have discovered a new hustle. He goes on his FB page and implores his followers to go and leave him positive reviews to push down the "haters'. It's disgusting and really tarnishes the entire self-publishing industry and the urban market in particular. However, just like everything else, he has a market and as long as they keep buying, he will keep churning out crap.