Thursday, May 8, 2014

'Munch' by Allison Hobbs

I don’t know what’s wrong with Allison. Whatever it is I hope she doesn’t change it (or take medication for it) because if she did, I don’t think she could write like this. ‘Munch’ is a short story about a guy who LOVES oral sex. Giving, not receiving. Now I love a clean shaved beaver as much as the next guy (maybe more), but Munch takes it to a level that is full on psychopathic. I’m talking Slingblade with a fetish for pussy instead of French-fried taters (mmm hmmmm) How? Well let’s just start with that his beavers don’t necessarily have to be clean or shaved! Now I know that not ever woman shaves, especially you tribal and French chicks, but having a clean kitty cat come on now that shouldn’t even be a discussion.

But Munch doesn’t care. Nasty ho! But he knows what he wants and he knows what he loves. And what he loves best is slurping on some pussy. Anybody’s pussy. As par for any Allison Hobbs book, there are more than a few disturbing scenes. Everyone has a genesis, and in this short story we find out what cause Munch to become Munch. I think all too many times people blame and hold crutch to their past to make excuses why they act like such idiots today. However, in the case of Munch I think I’ll give him a pass. I’ve seen kidnapped women in Cleveland go through less sexual mistreatment. Although I don’t think any man would think this boy is being mistreated. In my world of double standards that I’m absolutely and 100% OK with, any young guy having this much damn fun have at it!

Munch’s introduction to the seductive power of sex is through a woman named Rosita. I’ll say thisevery man should be so lucky. I usually only got a kiss on the check before I left for school Once Munch gets a taste, he adopts that famous slogan, “no one can eat just one.” His quest continues and we are witness to some freak-ness that even surpasses even what Allison is known for.  Carmen and Tiffany. Sarge. Airplane glue. (*sigh* airplane glue seriously Allison?!) Blake and Kat. Those are some of the players in this salaciously immoral short story.

Sometimes you need THAT book that will help you escape. Sometimes you need that book that will help you create fantasies because your body can’t do anything but. Sometimes you need that book where the sex scenes are so broiling hot, you contemplate taking Allison to small claims court because your iPad melted. Now, there are some people who are up in arms because of the age of the boy in the book. To these people I say “please shut the fuck up!” Take your prude ass and go read a boring lady-in-waiting romance novel. Allison writes for grown folks not for goody-goody’s.

As I write my book reviews, I do a quick read through as a refresher. If I don’t watch myself I’m going to end up reading this entire short story again. I’m laughing as I read this as well because I forgot that I highlighted some things. I don’t know what’s more troublesome, Allison writing them or me underlining them.

Yep, Allison has turned out another fun to read and very erotic short story. She’s my girl, she’s one of my favorites, and she’s a friend. And obviously, a damn freak! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, “normal people don’t write shit like this.” Normal is for Presbyterian Sunday school teachers. Not for writers like Allison and not for readers like me. 

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  1. I agree. I found myself with my mouth open several times.