Saturday, June 7, 2014

Urban Armor Gear case - iPhone 5/5s

Let me say right off the bat that I’m a diehard Otterbox fan. Have been since the iPhone 4. Now that doesn’t mean that I haven’t had problems with them, but I’ve tested a LOT of cases over the years and Otterbox, even with it’s issues, has outshone them all.

So when Urban Armor Gear sent me an eMail asking if I would review one of their cases I almost passed. I reviewed a case a few weeks back and I try to space them out. But then I went to UAG’s website and immediately changed my mind because of one thing: the case looked bomb!

I’m usually not a sucker for how a case looks, “can it protect?” is the more immediate question. But after reading on the site about it and looking at a few YouTube videos I decided to give it a shot.

When I got this case I immediately opened it and put it on. What I didn’t expect was how SNUG this case is. Holy cow! But that’s a good holy cow. It took a little effort to get my iPhone out of the case so be warned clean your phone and make sure she’s nice and pristine BEFORE dressing her with this case. It’s not a big hassle and ultimately you want a snug fit just have a little patience before putting it on. Patience has never been my strong suit.

This case does come with a screen protector that you put on yourself. I tried for a minute and then quit. It’s very thin and I guess the protection it serves is for scratches and nothing else. Also, once you put it on you have to do that pressing/iron out thing to get rid of the air bubbles. No thanks.

Unfortunately, screen protection is an area where most iPhone case makers fail. The screen protector is either too loose and creates a small air bubble, there is no screen protector at all, or it has a screen protector and you get that oily looking thing. Because the accompanying scree protector wasn’t one that I liked, I took the chance to use this case without it. I usually shun cases that do not have a screen cover because my luck is such that if I did drop my iPhone it would be at the perfect angle where it was land on the screen and “poof.”

So far though I feel pretty safe with this case. And I think the reason is, I’m getting a decent amount of protection plus I LOVE have access to every port and button without having to move a rubber covering. Everything has a trade off and I think that just may be mine.

-       - Very snug fitting.
-     -   Access to every button and port without having to open/close rubber flaps.
-     -   Looks very nice on your iPhone.
-      -  Smooth fit that makes going in and out of your pocket a breeze.
-      -  Does not add much bulk to the iPhone.

-      -  Screen protector is weak and flimsy.
-      -  The “lip” around the front of the iPhone is very thin and doesn’t look to be very promising if you drop your iPhone on it’s face.

Final say:
After almost a week with this case I would have to say that I’m pleased with it. In a perfect world I’d want a more sturdy screen cover and a bigger lip for better screen protection. I did find myself being a little more careful (not much though) with this case than my Otterbox because of the reasons I mentioned earlier. But I did find myself loving the convenience of having access to all the ports.

I’m not that guy that has the stones to drop my phone to test out a new case so I can’t tell you how it fares with that. If I happen to drop it I will update this review with the results.

Thank you to ‘Urban Armor Gear’ for sending me this case for review.


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