Sunday, June 22, 2014

'Wicked Deceptions' by Johnna B

Demented: adjective

The paranoia of a demented old man: mad, insane, deranged, psychotic, out of one's mind, crazed, lunatic, unbalanced, unhinged, disturbed, non compos mentis; informal crazy, mental, psycho, off one's rocker, nutty, around the bend, raving mad, batty, cuckoo.

Courtnie Randolph: noun

*See above definition

Damn. Why are all the crazy sex fiend women crazy? Because normal girls don’t make you cry in bad, that’s why. Courtnie is a woman who has the skills, the means, and the ability to make anyone, man or woman; lose their mind in the bedroom. One sip of her and you will forget everyone and everyTHING! Yeah… her stuff is that yummy.

But yummy comes at a price. Courtnie will stamp your passport to sexual heaven, but the return trip goes through hell. As you read this short-story you’ll see why I call this woman ‘demented.’ Sexually, normal woman only give you the sex need to be OK. Complacent. Semi-happy.

Crazy woman give you the sex your body wants! Craves. Desires. Longs for.

Over the years Courtnie has amassed more than a few lovers to feed her need. They all enjoy her until they realize she’s a few plastic bracelets short of a grab bag. But Courtnie can’t just let them go. If you taste her then she feels you’ve become a part of her DNA and that you’re a part of her forever. You can try and leave if you want… but results aren’t pretty.

Adonis Edwards is married to a woman who accuses him of having an affair AND not giving him any. Idiot. Especially since his name is also his description.

Enter Courtnie. And yes, that is a double entendre. She gives him what his wife won’t and gives it to him GOOD. But while Adonis thinks that this one-night stand is just a quick jump-off, bat-ass crazy Courtnie plays the role of penguin and wants to mate for life.

Adonis finds out the hard way (another double entendre, but you’ll have to read this book to figure it out) that there is no leaving this nut. This short-story is very sexual throughout and very sadistic in parts. That curling iron scene is still playing in my head. Not to mention the scenes where you find out just how bloody mental this woman truly is.

There were a few areas of non-consistency that were a bit distracting and annoying but all in all I had a fun time reading. I think you will as well. 

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