Tuesday, July 1, 2014

‘Blood of Rome: Retribution' by John Salter

I read the first book (‘Blood of Rome: Caratacus’) in this series about three weeks ago. And despite a few validated issues, I knew I was going to read book two. And read it I did. And read it I enjoyed. While ‘Caratacus’ dealt with the fight for Britannia… oh wait sorry… the fight for Albion mainly through the eyes of the scouts, ‘Retribution’ deals with it through the eyes of the soldiers as well as through the eyes of Caratacus… oh wait sorry… Caradoc.

John Salter treats us with another well-told story about Rome and her (failed?) attempt to conquer Albion. Rome is determined, Caratacus is defiant, the fields are flush with guts, and blood flows free like the Nile. We’re also given backstory on Caracatus, which is almost a second story in itself. I found that to be particularly entertaining. While I will always pull for Rome, I can appreciate the story of those she fought to overpower. Rebellion in any form makes for good story!

The story of the three brothers could easily be its own story, especially in the hands of Mr. Salter. Once you read about the backstory of those three, the title ‘Retribution’ makes perfect sense.

Soldiers, legionaries, Generals, and auxiliaries. All fighting and dying for the great glory of Rome! There is surprisingly a lot of story in such a “short” (269 pages) book. There is also one surprise from book one that I didn’t see coming. One that made my blood boil and one that had me really looking and paying attention to the goings on in this story.

The grammatical errors took a major dip in this book but they were still there. Maybe by book three (yes, there will be a third book!) they will disappear all together. I only bring this up because John did. And it does matter.
John is a very welcomed voice in the growing field of Rome historical-fiction. I have absolutely have no problem recommending John’s work to anyone looking for a good Roman story. 

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