Wednesday, July 9, 2014

BrownGirls Publishing ‘Words with Friends’ Contest

Are you a ‘Words with Friends’ addict? Are you a reading addict? Well now you combine your love of the two with our new contest!

To enter, all you have to do is submit your name and ‘Words with Friends’ user name to I will get you signed up and paired up. Please make sure that you send me your correct user name. Contestants that send incorrect user names will be disqualified.  

You may even have a chance to play against a 'BrownGirls Publishing' author! They told me they wanted in on this so I said "OK, bring it!!" ReShonda is already talking noise (like she usually does) so we'll see if she can beat some of you!

The grand prize winner will have their choice of three BrownGirls Publishing titles, and you get to choose which titles you want. The contest will work on a bracket system and the more the merrier so please share with your other book loving/word game loving friends.

Our contest will start on 7/21/2014 and will end when we have a winner.


-   You will have three days to complete your game(s). If you are paired with a player who has taken longer than 24 hours to move, please let me know.

-   Prizes will be awarded as eBooks not printed books.

-   Please check back to this page for any updates.

-   If you have any questions or please eMail me –

Thank you for playing and thank you for supporting BrownGirls Publishing, good luck!

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