Saturday, August 2, 2014

'Addicted' by Zane... revisited.

The number of books that I’ve re-read are few and far between, kind of like thongs at a Omega Psi Phi toga party. But when I heard that Zane’s book ‘Addicted’ was being made into a movie, I knew that I would revisit it. And indeed I have done so. I was curious to see how long it has been since I read this book last, and after a semi-quick search on (ugh) Amazon, I found out. 2006. 2006 was the first time I read ‘Addicted’ by Zane. Eight years have passed since I read from the TRUE queen of erotica’s second novel.

Just for kicks I went back to see what I wrote in my first review of this book. Looking back at that review I felt like an artist at the age of fifty looking back on his works he did as a child. A lot of things have changed since then, including my feelings about this book. I did enjoy it (again, I don’t normally re-read books, even less so books that I didn’t like) but I saw it from a different perspective this time. 

I think Zoe is less ‘addicted’ and more like extremely unsatisfied with her sex life with her semi-eunuch husband. Punk ass. Jason, Zoe’s spouse, has a fire hot sexy wife who wants nothing more than to please her husband in every way possible. He loves her, yes, but he’s scared of her. Well… rather he’s scared of her… well, you know. Zoe tries to fix the problem but you know the saying, “you can lead a man to water but you can’t make him lick.” 

So with her being fed up with sharing her bed with a lover who gives her no loving, Zoe starts to weaken. A person can only be rejected so many times before desire starts to send out her hormones. Zoe’s estrogens are the smell of honeysuckle. And honeysuckle is sweet to everyone. And it doesn’t take long for someone(s) to taste her flower.

It has been said, “if a man has not ever wanted to kill a woman, that man has never been in love.” I will add, “if you’ve never risked all for an orgasm, then you’ve never been horny with no sight of relief.” OK… maybe that isn’t as poetic and full of crap… but still. Being horny sucks! Just ask Zoe. 

Zane has always been the author who makes me laugh with her wit and having her characters say the most unimaginable things. ‘Addicted’ brought back memories of that. It also brought back high school memories. A lot of the references in the story made me smile and reminisce. I probably would have finished this book a lot quicker if I didn’t take so many walks down memory lane. Anyway… where was I? Zoe… horny… itch… orgasm… oh yeah now I remember!

As innocently immoral as Zoe’s decisions were, all she wanted was for HER man to desire her above all else. She never expected her desires to lead to this. What is “this?” Crack open this book and find out. An orgasm is good, damn great even. But at what cost? Is Zoe addicted or just misunderstood, lonely, and horny? While this was a good read by Zane, it is also one her less sexual ventures. The sexuality is there, just not to the extent of her other books. Not in a bad way, just different. 

I’ve been a fan of Zane’s for a long time now and I am so happy that she is going to be on the big screen! I hope you will join me in coming out and showing out on the opening weekend for ‘Addicted’ the movie. The weekend of October 10th Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. Pick a day, pick some friends, pick a theater, take pictures, and share them with the world. Zane has given us years of sensual erotic reading, we can certainly give her a weekend. 

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