Tuesday, October 21, 2014

'Addicted' (movie score) by Aaron Zigman

One thing I enjoy doing after watching a movie is hanging out to see who composed the music. Not only can you have a resolution phase after the movie, but you get a chance to hear more of the score minus that annoying movie dialogue. One of the first things that noticed immediately as I was watching ‘Addicted’ was the piano music. It wasn’t just ordinary piano music, it really stood out. The type of score you immediately train your brain to soak up as you watch the movie. 

The main title sets up this score of perfectly, and I do mean perfectly. (I’m listening to it now). It sound like ‘Addicted’ would sound if ‘Addicted’ were to sing. Or hum. Each movement is a beautifully orchestrated voice of the piece it is named after. The first thing I did after leaving the movie theater was search Google Play-Music to see if they had this score. They did. 

The second thing I did was add it to my playlists.

And since October 10th I don’t think a day has gone by where I haven’t listened to this score, sometimes back to back. Now… as far as soundtracks go, this IS a pretty short one, coming in at just under forty-five minutes. It kind of makes sense because the movie is also a short one (1:40) as well. I don’t have a favorite movement because I sincerely love them all. As will you. I’m not sure how I managed to miss Aaron Zigman all this time, but it’s a mistake easily, and happily fixed. 

At the time of this review Amazon isn’t showing a track list so I’ve added one below. 

1. Main Titles (1:43)
2. Happy Family (1:05)
3. Round Three (1:18)
4. The Museum (1:24)
5. I Think That’s My Favorite (1:17)
6. Did We Have Plans? (1:43)
7. I’ll Make It Up To You (1:47)
8. A Terrible Path (1:09)
9. I Want To Paint You (2:34)
10. Scrubbing Clean (1:03)
11. I Can’t Do This (1:14)
12. Warehouse (0:53)
13. I Can’t Help It (1:47)
14. Painting Zoe (0:56)
15. Other Women (3:53)
16. I Think We Should Talk (1:11)
17. Take A Walk (1:09)
18. Unveiling (1:53)
19. A New Client (1:01)
20. Special Delivery (1:12)
21. You’re Not Leaving Me (3:49)
22. Jason Knows (2:33)
23. Welcome Home (1:52)
24. Brochure (1:02)
25. Our Love Is Forever (3:43)

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