Tuesday, October 14, 2014

'The Secrets of Silk' by Allison Hobbs

One day I would like to interview Allison Hobbs and find out exactly where she gets the inspiration for her female characters. I just scanned her bibliography and yep, they’re all deranged. So it’s no surprise that the Lamda Nu chapter of Crazy Phi Nuts sorority is about to welcome a new member.

And her name is Silk.

Silk is a Louisiana born, light-skinned, sultry courtesan that seeps sexuality. Her caregiver, Big Mama, uses the voodoo power of the swamps to cast her spells. Silk uses the power of her snappy nappy. Actually… it’s not that nappy because she’s the devils’ mix of a white girl who enjoys the illicit desires of colored boys. Yeah I said colored. That’s because this novel takes place in the 1950’s and 60’s.

Allison writes about juke joints, bus depots, Cadillac’s, special schools for colored children, and ice delivery. Ice delivery? WTH!? They used to deliver frikkin’ ice!? Unfortunately the payment that this iceman wanted was not paper. Or even copper or silver. And it damn sure wasn’t green. But let’s back up for a bit…

Like I mentioned earlier, Silk was a walking sexual honeypot. At that time, light-skinned women in the deep South were usually light-skinned because of a soiled past. After dark and after the misses of the house was asleep, Massa became the sneaky white man who enjoyed forbidden sex with black girls. Most of that sex wasn’t consensual. Silk’s existence started with perversion somewhat like this and it only got worse. A few people are born with a natural depravity to all things moral, everyone else learns it. Silk learned from Professor Big Mama and Big Mama teaches at the University of Poontang. Baton Rogue campus.

Their relationship is abnormal, their relationship is depraved, and their relationship is pervy. And I couldn’t get enough of it. It’s not hard to see where Silk learned her vile sexuality. She’s an evil and mean seductress. Men love her, women hate her, and I can’t believe God had the nerve to create her.

After some murderous sexual adventures in the… swamp…where she lives, Silk takes her show on the road. The story she uses to get over on people is classic! Now Allison has written about some pretty sick women over the years, but there was something especially sick with Silk. It’s bad enough to have the thoughts she has, but to actually act out on them is another thing entirely.

And no one is spared.

Not the family she shacks up with, not the men she has fun with… not even the children. Silk works her demon like charms on everyone in this book (lord please help Ed the drivers Ed guy) and I can’t think of one person who didn’t fall for her charms. But while Silk may have the vagina from heaven, her soul is blacker than Wesley Snipes covered in oil at midnight on Halloween with his eyes closed.

Allison’s ladies are sexual firecrackers that would make ANY man trade his blood for a taste of what they have. Unfortunately, her ladies are also devoid of the most basics of morals and will do anything or anyONE to get what they want. So… enter at your own risk. Haha, get it? “Enter at your own risk…?” Nevermind.

Allison writes the way I love to read, with characters I love reading about. Going back and skimming this book to make sure I included what I wanted in this review, I found myself reading and looking for certain passages. THAT, dear people, is when you know you’ve found a good book. THIS is a good book.


  1. Loved your review; ready to dive in, even moreso, because of your review. :-)

  2. Aside from reading "Pandora's Box" several years ago, I haven’t been closely acquainted with the writing force known as ALLISON HOBBS. A friend suggested "The Enchantress," which I read in a single 24-hour setting. Needless to say, I called out sick from work the next day. . . I remain mesmerized by Allison’s skill in weaving mystic themes into backdrops of contemporary love, faith, and hope.
    I’ve just uploaded "The Secrets of Silk." Although I have not yet read it, I anticipate another ALLISON HOBBS masterpiece.