Saturday, December 20, 2014

My Top Books for 2014

Well, 2014 is coming to an end. That means we can expect to see Santa Claus, the annual Victoria’s Secret fashion show, girls showing off their New Years Eve dresses, and a thousand and one ‘Best of Book’ lists. I always like looking back at the books I’ve read over the year. Why? Because I usually forget them. Not because they were bad, rather because my memory IS.

I can remember enough of a book to tell you why I loved it, but not each and every plot point or twist. But trust me… if I love a book… you’ll know I loved it. And it's not like I completely forget it, but I don't have that retainability that some of you have. I stopped ranking books a few years back. Trying to pick out why book #1 was #1 and not #2, and why #2 wasn’t #1 became too damn hard. Now I just list my ‘Top 10’ or ‘Top 15’. Even as I write this now, I have no idea how many books I’ll have in my ‘Top 10’. (See what I did there?)

So enough chit-chat, here are my choices for my favorite books of 2014!

Eric is a constant on my "best of" list... and for good damn reason.

MX-401, Reaper, Petrichor. Whatever name this young female assassin decides to go by, you can be sure that her end game is your death. This is one of Eric’s darkest books to date. Bad things happen around MX-401, bad things happen because of MX-401, and bad things happen to MX-401. 

If you’re a thriller book reader and you have yet to read one of Eric’s books, send me a note… I might buy you one. 

You might remember this author’s name from ‘The Traveler’ series. He’s been off the grid for a while but came back with this book as well as a short story that he released for free. JTH writes fiction but his books are steeped in his real beliefs. ‘Spark’ is a mix between philosophy, fiction, technology, and geek-dom. 

I’m going to cheat a little here because I bought these as a boxed set. A lot of the authors who write Roman fiction read this guy. That’s all the endorsement I need. 

(Pssst… one more thing. … the end of book #2. That’s all I’m going to say. The end of book #2.)

Allison is just a plain damn freak and it shows in each and every one of her freaky ass books. Munch is a character in one of Allison’s other books who was just begging to have his own. This is one of Allison’s short-stories but I really hope Munch gets a full fledged novel soon. 

I enjoy fictional books about the lottery because I always put myself in the place of the winner. I think we all have lottery dreams, but very few of us see it come to pass. The lottery winner in this book, LuAnn, if you’ll forgive me, if a frikkin’ idiot! This dirt-poor single mom in an abusive relationship gets the deal of a lifetime. $100 million dollars to leave the U.S. and never return. LuAnn has a killer body and is actually pretty smart. Unfortunately she’s as stubborn as mule with hemorrhoids, and that causes this thick moron a LOT of heartache. 

I wish someone would offer me $100 million. I love the United States but let someone offer me that much money to go and never come back. Y’all be on FaceBook like “anyone heard from Jason lately?” 

A story about the very real horrors of child sex trafficking. I found out about this book from a book reading group on FaceBook. Everyone was chatting about it so I checked it out. This was one of the times where the chatter was correct, this was a good one. 

Teen angst meets DNA. Definitely one of the most entertaining books I’ve read this year.

The legal master does it once again, and this time he’s ticking off the coal industry.

A new roman fiction author who is a little rough right now, but you can see and READ his potential. 

“Street lit” or whatever you wanna call it (for some stupid reason) is looked down upon by others in the literary world. True you have your trash books out there, but there are authors out there who are pretty decent. JaQuavis Coleman is one of them. Now… if only this brother could get his books out by the advertised publication date then everything would be gravy!

Mark can do no wrong in my book. My opinion on his writing is, there are books of his that I love and there are books by him that I really love. 

This was my first book by this author (thank you to the publisher for sending me a copy) but HOLY SMOKES it certainly won’t be my last! I literally flew through this book!

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