Friday, December 26, 2014

'The Interview'

Well… I liked it. 

It wasn’t a tear laden Canne’s Film Festival pick but it wasn’t bad, and it was about what I expected. Almost. I think the biggest problem this movie will have is overcoming the overhyped hurdle. The cowardly decision that Sony made to initially not show this movie will only cause this film to be placed under a much tighter microscope. While I’m sure this movie was never made with the intention to make this the main course in the social media buffet, that’s exactly what happened. Now… we want to see what the hype is about. Why did the satanic midget from North Korea hate this movie so? Was his hatred warranted? Why was this movie the one they chose to rock the cradle of the Great Satan?

In order for this movie to meet our expectations it would have to have the writing of ‘Gone With the Wind’, combined with the action of ‘SkyFall’, with the drama of ‘Silence of the Lambs’, and the sexuality of ‘Poison Ivy’ with Ruth Negga as the female lead. 

Yeah. Well, this movie doesn’t even come close but it was enjoyable. The first three and a half minutes is… man. While I did laugh, it was an uncomfortable laugh because I bet that wasn’t too far from the truth. But I still laughed. This movie is one of those intelligently crass comedies. It’s pretty blue but it’s not “stupid” if you know what I mean. And pay attention. There are more than a number of subtle and not so subtle jokes thrown in there. 

To me that is one of the best types of comedy. And satire. Any fool can joke about any other fool. But (and I truly believe this) some of the smartest people in this world write ‘comedian’ on their tax forms. Now I’m not saying that Seth Rogan and James Franco are some of the smartest comedian’s in the world, but they are worlds away from being stupid. 

Anyway… back to the movie. I was searching for ANY reason for the mullet midget to hate this movie. And I couldn’t find one, until the end. And even then IT WASN’T BAD! He gets made fun of but no reason to call down the armageddon horses. The part with Eminem had me rolling! Franco’s part was frantic, comical, strange, and this fool actually befriends the knee-high lilliputian! The actor playing North Korea’s Asian PolPot actually does a pretty good job. Pay attention to him as well. In my opinion, the North Korean’s should have been more pissed off with how Seth and James Westernized their mini supreme pizza than the fact that they satired his death.

As I read back over this I’ll admit that I’m putting a little too much on this “just OK” movie. But this movie definitely had a butterfly effect and a few of the ripples hit me. Here’s the bottom line, if you are a Seth and Franco fan then nothing will deter you from seeing this movie. If you aren’t a fan, then you would have hated this movie no matter what. If you go in with great expectations pushed by the tsunami of social media, you’ll hate it. If you just go in like a regular movie-goer I have no idea what you’ll think. 

I went in knowing that the North Korean thug-ant was blowing this out of proportion, and in that I was correct. I also wanted to see another Seth/Franco pairing. I enjoyed (to a point) ‘This Is The End’ and as I mentioned earlier, I love satirical intellectual comedy that is gross as Gabourey Sidibe’s thong and as blue as seventy year old Catholic priests nuts. 

And if you set aside all that white noise… I think it’s pretty damn cool that you are able to make a movie with your boy. Folks are saying that this movie cost $50 million to make or something like that. 1. I don’t see where or how they spent that and 2. Even if they did, they’ll make it back in about a month. Which brings up another point. If a major movie company can bring in that much revenue for a NEW movie on streaming and opening in a very limited theaters… 

Go see the movie. Go stream the movie. I think it’s worth it.

“They hate us cause they anus!”

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