Thursday, February 12, 2015

'Stunt' by Jet Black

This book was recommended by a friend in my favorite FaceBook book group. I was looking for a good erotic thriller, and since I had just finished a book, the timing was perfect. Unfortunately, from the first page I could tell this was the work of a very green first time author. Now… because I know some of you, you’re going to take every word from here on out as a diss. It’s not. It’s just honest. 

To a number of readers (myself included) the experience of reading is just as important as the story. When I open a book and see one sentence paragraphs, bold writing, and italics all on the first page, it’s impossible not to cringe. But I kept on because I had already put my money down. 

I will say that the story itself isn’t bad. How it was told, was. Ricky is a good looking man who owns his own business and is engaged to Denise, an equally good looking woman. Denise ends up murdered and in order to find the killer, Ricky must enter the seedy world of porn. Not a bad premise at all. But the more I read ‘Stunt’ the more I found out that this was a very superficial story with nothing deep. It was like going from point A to point B to point C without telling us how we got there. 

There was even one glaring passage that the author used twice. This story also had a very strange tempo. Normally when you read a book you get into a certain flow with the words, with the characters, with the narrative, with the action. Not so with this one. It was like each chapter was racing to get done so the next one could start. And that’s really too bad because you can tell that Jet Black does have talent, it’s just very rough right now. 

The parts that I did enjoy were the sexual parts (oh, shut up). Very explicit and descriptive. There were a couple scenes where I was laughing when the author let us in on the thoughts of Stunt. And I’ve never wanted to be a cable guy so bad in my life.  Anyway, Stunt continues on his mission to find his lady’s killer and crosses paths with the true underbellies of crime. In the history of the world, porn has never once been a legitimate business, and this time is no different. Stunt tried to get me to believe that he hated having to hump his way to the culprits, but I wasn’t buying it. Especially when the road to redemption is between the thighs and cheeks of a stunning porn star! Come on now! 

This story does read fast and there is potential, but work needs to be done. I don’t mind the violence, the sex, or the brutality. But give me something to chew on, and not just a “surface story.”