Tuesday, April 21, 2015

'One Night' by Eric Jerome Dickey

About a year ago when I first heard about ‘One Night’, the recurring theme coming from everyone was “this is a different type of Eric Jerome Dickey book.” I had no idea what that meant or if that was a good or bad thing. So let me put your mind at ease by saying, “this is a different type of Eric Jerome Dickey book.” There. Feel better? 

If you follow Eric on FaceBook, Twitter, or Instagram you know he’s a man who thirsts for knowledge. It shows in his pictures, his posts, his humor, his rants, and his writing. Just when you think he can’t surpass his previous works, he hits you with a book like this. There were one thousand and one things going through my head while reading ‘One Night’, but the one thought, the ONE thought I had when I closed this book was, “this is fictional poetry.” 

You read his books for the pleasure but you take away much more. He’s the best type of writer (literary entertainer) because he makes you experience the moment without you even knowing you’re in the moment. Until after. It’s like a cherry-vanilla aftertaste. Now… about ‘One Night’… 

This story is a twelve hour adrenaline rush of drama and passion set in a theater of eroticism and violence. Eric could teach a class in misdirection. And pain.

The man writes pain in ‘One Night’ like Joshua Bell plays his violin. An elegantly complicated erotic tango of “I don’t know” between Jackie and the man from Orange County . And I think that might be the “different” people were talking about. Other EJD books have a cast of characters whom play off each other like the London Symphony. This go ‘round there were really only two. But two in Eric’s hands are like one-hundred on someone else’s. 

Pay close attention to the beginning of this story, if not you’ll miss something. Once it finally clicked with me it was like someone opened the Autobahn. This was also the first time in a LONG time where I felt that the story wasn’t really the focal point of the story. I know that doesn’t make complete sense, but this was a very character driven book and the circumstances happened because of the people. Not the other way around. 

Like Eric’s other leading ladies, Jackie is a tsunami of power, chaos, sexuality, and uncertainty. Her internal AND external battles is the yin that carries this book and it drags you salivating through each page. The mysticism and violence from the man from Orange County is the yang. 

The sex in this book is the bang to the yin and yang. 

It is impossible to read an Eric Jerome Dickey book and not talk about how seductively humid they are. And in a character driven story like ‘One Night’, you don’t walk away from the scenes… you crawl. Why? Because that’s all you can do. I’ve been sitting her trying to figure out the best way to describe the eroticism in this book. 

(One day later...) OK, I've decided to stop trying. Anything I say won't do it justice, and an EJD story needs to be experienced. Just prepare yourself. The intellect written in this story is as sexually explicit as the sweat funk air drying on a nude body after a four hour hump session.

‘One Night’ is one of those books that will be devoured by pop-readers and literary readers alike. Reading Eric is like watching Jony Ive talk about design. Passion coupled with talent resulting in a product that changes the person using it. Yeah. That’s about right.  


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  2. Your reviews are like watching an episode of Breaking Bad - my eyes are glued to the screen. (*I couldn't resist - but it's the truth)

    I can't wait to devour this book.

  3. This blog post was exceptionally written, and I can't wait to read it either.

  4. Jason, I swear you put your reviews in such a way that folks can't help but go out and get it...

    I'm getting mine this weekend!

  5. Amazing review. Wow. You have a way with words.

  6. After reading your review, I'm sooo looking forward to receiving my copy! ;)