Tuesday, October 20, 2015

'Rogue Lawyer' by John Grisham

‘Rogue Lawyer’… well, they certainly nailed this title. I’ll not torture you with the usual jokes about lawyers that we love to hate, rather I’ll torture you with having you read this review instead of reading this wonderful book. John Grisham is a talent, but even I thought he was hard pressed to try and get me to like Sebastian. 

A lawyer who doesn't play by the rules and who defends the scum of society… yeah, I need his address so I can send a Christmas card. And that is just the surface stuff. As you read this book you’ll find out more about this guy that would make a cat hanging out at a San Francisco wharf refuse spill turn up his nose. 

But as I read more and more of this story, I found myself (kind of) liking this guy. But that may have something to do with his supporting cast: Judith… it’s been a long time since I’ve read a book where I wished for the death of a character as much as I did this (removed bad word because of Amazon’s rules) woman. I set aside a special type of hate for her. Then there’s Tadeo… this guy has the brain of Kendra Wilkinson and the arrogance of Trump. Had this book been longer I would have sued the Grisham estate for neck injury due to my head shaking. 

Rounding out this cess pool circle of friends is Arch. If Dr. Frankenstein were to ever to experiment with sleezy ooze, Arch would be it’s ordure. That’s all I’m going to say because I feel the need to shower just typing his name. Now keep in mind, those are the headliners. There are a ton of extras who colorfully add their own crime spice to this broth of filth. Grisham truly shows us the bottom of the barrel with the clients AND the lawyer.

Now this book did have a different feel to it. To me, ‘Rogue Lawyer’ was a story of snippets of Sebastian’s life, and not one complete story. And even though it was told like that, it didn’t feel choppy. There were a couple times where it got a little preachy though. John tackles two hot button social topics, and in the narration of it, gets a bit Joel Osteen-ish. Nothing big, just… obvious. 

I think is a solid piece of work by Grisham that falls somewhere between ‘The Confession’ and the ‘The Litigators.’ Not all drama and not all fun. While reading this story there’s really no good place to pause and take a break. So unless you are one of those readers who can go through a book in one sitting (I’m not by a long shot) then prepare to do a lot of sneak-reading. 

I enjoyed reading this book and I’m comfortable in saying you will as well. Good reading, fun reading, quick reading, thoughtful reading. It’s what we expect and what Grisham delivers. Once again.  

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