Saturday, January 30, 2016

Card Case for iPhone 6s - Trooper Series

I’m not a fan of most wallet/card cases for the iPhone because they all have a flap that covers the screen. Makes perfect sense because that flap also holds your credit cards, driver’s license, and dollar bills. But I’m the type of iPhone user who appreciates having to his iPhone screen without anything blocking it. So when I saw that UAG had a case that allowed me to carry my credit cards AND allowed unfettered access to my iPhone screen, I had to check it out. 

After using this case about a week and some change I have mixed feelings. I like having a credit card case and iPhone case combined as well as the protection this case affords. I do not like how it feels in my hand when I hold it or how bulky it is. 

Pros: It’s UAG so you know you’re getting a quality case, which this one is. My iPhone fits snugly in the case and every port is easily accessible. The compartment that holds the credit cards is built in to the back of this case and is very secure. You can hear and feel the “snap” when you close it. VERY important for when you drop your phone, you won’t have to worry about your cards falling out. 

Cons: The pictures on the website show you what this case looks like, but until you get it in your hand you can’t see or feel how bulky this case is. That is one of my biggest issues. Part of me thinks that they really didn’t have to make the case this bulky, especially since it can ‘only’ hold four credit cards. Now for you users of Mophie or Otterbox, the bulk might not bother you as much. But I used UAG off and on with my old iPhone 5s and exclusively for my iPhone 6/6s so I’m used to their protective minimalist cases. Comparatively, this one is big!

The other part of this case that I don’t like are the hinges and “thumb catch.” Since the wallet is built into this case, you have to have small hinges so that it can open. You also have to have a “thumb catch” to unlatch this case because it is a very secure fit. But the problem is, when you hold this case you can easily feel those three protrusions and it makes for an uncomfortable handle. Because of this, I found myself taking this case off when I didn’t need to have my credit cards. And since this case isn’t meant to be taken off daily, that quickly became an annoyance. 

Middle Ground: I DO like this case, but not for everyday use. I will (and did) use it on family outings where I only needed my credit cards and drivers license along with my iPhone. The grip on this case is good  and the thicker back does offer greater protection in case of a drop. I did take pictures of this case side by side with the regular UAG iPhone 6s case as a comparison. If you would like to see them please send me an eMail.

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