Tuesday, January 12, 2016

'Feast of Joy and Love' by Laura Sullivan

Sometime before Christmas Laura Sullivan sent me an eMail asking me to listen and review her new CD, ‘Feast of Joy and Love’. Now I get eMails all the time from folks asking me to test this, try this, review this. But I rarely get one from a Grammy winning composer. Interestingly enough, Laura reaching out came at the perfect time because I had just, and I mean JUST, picked up a CD by an icon in the music industry within this same genre. 

So I was in the perfect mood for this.

But the question was, “would this album keep me in the mood?” The answer… Yes. Absolutely. Without a doubt. No question. That was a stupid question. Here’s how good this album was/is… I had Apple Music shuffle her discography as my fall asleep music that night. Then I played her again at my bookstore the next day. ‘Jesu Joy’ starts this CD and that sets the musical ambiance. My absolute favorite-favorite tracks were ‘Waltzing with Beethoven’, ‘Morning in the Meadow’, ‘Ode to Joy’, and ‘Last Kiss.’ But this entire CD has been the soundtrack for my reading, driving, and writing because of how beautiful it is. 

And Laura has a lot of music under her belt, so once you finish with this album you can rest assured that she has a lot more for you to savor. **Thinking**… now that I’ve written this review just before bed I might have to have Laura sing me to sleep tonight… again. Her voice is easy on the ears, she is most certainly easy on the eyes, and her music is easy on the soul. Most of her albums, including this one, are under an hour so you’ll definitely want to put them on repeat and/or string them together. 

Either way you choose to listen you’re in for a treat. A melodic, exquisite treat. 

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