Thursday, January 28, 2016

'The Absence of Guilt' by Mark Gimenez

Well… after almost two years Mark Gimenez is back. And he jumps feet first into the controversy that is ISIS, islamic militants, and the Constitution. He starts off with his author’s note that is chilling because it is true. He posted it on his website and at the beginning of this book. Read it and see if you don’t get chills. If you haven’t read it I’ll save you the trouble of the search, click here.

In ‘The Absence of Guilt’ we are taken back to the world of Scott Fenney. This is Scott’s third go round and he’s attained a good position in life. He’s moved up in the world, being a Federal Judge in all and all the “perks” that come with that. Job security, working with people HE trusts, a very loving family, and the respect that comes with being a Federal Judge. The only thing he misses is sex. (I say “only” like missing sex isn’t a big deal.) Well sex and the fun he had being a highly paid lawyer with engaging cases.

Being a Federal Judge comes with a lifetime of job security, but it also could (at times) come with a lifetime of BLAND litigation. But little does Scott know that he’s about to be pimped slapped with two of the most highly charged political issues of the day. Illegal immigration and Islamic terrorism. Yeah… and at the same time. And Mark doesn’t tell this story behind the veil of political correctness either. 


He’s all in your face with the hate, the slurs, the apologists, the supporters, Constitutional law, street law, and profiling. And it all winds in and out of this jigsaw of a political-thriller. No matter which side you’re on, you’ll have your moments wondering “what in the clear blue hell is wrong with these people!?!?!” 

ISIS is in America and are plotting to destroy ‘The Superbowl’ on live TV. They have their cowardly jihadist planted and ready to go. Now the government has the so-called leader in jail along with his twenty-plus brain dead lemmings. But are they there legally, and if not, how long can our government keep? This is Judge Fenny’s charge. We all believe in the law of freedom of speech, but what about the practice of it? And what if the jihadist decide to go after you personally? That is also Judge Fenny’s charge.
The other issue in this story that parallels the terrorism, is illegal immigration. And wouldn’t you know that Scott might have found himself someone to help him with his sex drought… but fate has a cruel sense of humor and Scott’s vixen is also in the middle of the illegal immigration fight. And it wasn’t like Scott didn’t have chances… dude was being chased by a sexy yoga pants wearing mama, but he’s a boy scout. Good for him. Not. 

Now… there were a few times where if felt like Mark was standing at a lectern at SMU and I was like “dude move on!” It wasn’t preachy, it was more like teacher-y. Not enough to stop the story, but enough to make you go “OK Professor Mark, you’re tenured so enough with the showing off.” 

In any case… Mark stays true to form and gives us a incredible heart pounding thriller. The downside… now I have to wait about two years for his next one! #firstworldreaderproblems 

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