Monday, January 4, 2016

'The First Hostage' by Joel Rosenberg

‘The First Hostage’ picks up precisely where ‘The Third Target’ leaves off.  And when I say “precisely”, I mean right down to the sentence… ‘the President of the United States… is missing.’ That immediately took me back to ‘Target’ and made me remember the literary adrenaline that it was. I had no doubt ‘Hostage’ would be the same.

I was right. 

The cowards of ISIS have done the impossible, they have captured the POTUS and are holding him hostage. Their operation to capture him was as brutal and blood-soaked as Rome vs. Boudica. Once the leaders of ISIS pull off their so called coup d’état, they immediately inform the world what they plan to do to the POTUS is their demands are not met. In spite of this being a (very good) heavy story, there were a few times that made me chuckle. Reading ISIS’s demands was one of them. Well done there Joel

J.B. Collins, our foreign correspondent, is right in the middle of this chaos trying to decide how best to do what he does. He has been granted unprecedented access to the war room and the planned rescue operation. The question, however, is “who can anybody trust?” A coup of this magnitude takes someone on the inside, someone big. The answer, like every other uncovered secret in these pages, will floor you. 

This is an extremely high level political thriller that is nothing short of sensational. Joel weaves this story and her players like he’s there. And the force of prophecy is strong with this one. ISIS is a clear and present danger to the world, and it’s nice to see one man unafraid of putting it out there. Remember those chuckles that I had that I mentioned earlier? There are some pretty good zingers leveled at ISIS. 

However you read ‘The First Hostage’, as a fictional story, as a look into the not so near future fictional-text, or as a non-fiction text with a few imaginary characters, you will be taken. For me, this was an unbelievable way to start my reading for 2016.

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