Friday, June 18, 2010

'Fast Girls' by Rachel Kramer Bussel

“Erotica for women”. That phrase usually causes me to pass a book by. I’m a guy through and through, and one stereotype on which I proudly stake claim is that my erotica has to be very visual and very descriptive! Would a book that states its “erotica for women” feed that need? In this case, YES. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! The stories in this collection are highly charged and they create that unmistakable ‘I’m getting horny’ feeling. They’re so good that you almost stop daydreaming about the stories, and start thinking about what it would be like to run into some of these writers!
‘Temptation’ is the perfect story to start off! I’ve always been of the mind that the best erotic stories are the ones where you can replace the characters in the story with yourself. In ‘Temptation’… I’d gladly trade my soul in this life AND the afterlife to be Miguel! Other stories that had me wishing I had Aladdin’s lamp:

‘Waxing Eloquent’ – only in L.A. style loving.
‘Winter, Summer’ – sexy, shocking, with a surprise.
‘Panther’ – animalistic & sexy.
‘Communal’ – my second favorite story and if I could go back in time, I would live in a college dorm like this one.
‘Flash’ – title says it all.
‘Confessions of a Kinky Shopaholic’ – Sophie Kinsella eat your… ummm… heart out.
‘Princess’ – this story puts the “X” in taxi.
‘Chasing Danger’ – how far would you go to apprehend a criminal?
‘Whore Complex’ – OK Rachel… *whew*

Aside from writing goose bump causing erotica, Rachel can also pick the right stories to put in a book. I truly think you will be pleased with this current collection. If you aren’t, check your pulse and call me. And one more thing… this is easily one of the sexiest covers I’ve seen in a while.


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