Monday, November 21, 2011

'Women in Lust' Edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel

I think I’m going to write a short story collection and make Rachel my vixen in every single story.  Hell, I might end up making her into a twin or triplets!  Everything about Rachel exudes sexuality and I always, always, always, enjoy reading her collections.  ‘Women in Lust’ is another stunning erotic collection.  And when I say stunning I mean STUNNING!  I usually re-read the erotic collections I buy about two to three times over the history of the book, but this one was the first time I re-read a collection back to back.  I do NOT recommend this because the state of arousal this will put you will make horny it’s very own state.  Even the stories that had the S&M that I’m not into had me going.

I love how descriptive these stories are and mouth-watering sexual delicious they are.  As per her style, Rachel picks stories that appeal to everyone and gives us sex in paper form.  Rachel adds her story, ‘Hot For Teacher’, and if I DID go back to school, it would be for a student like the one in her story.  ‘Smoke’ was also another sinfully sexual short story.  ‘Ride A Cowboy’ is the first story in this collection that I read back-to-back.  Have mercy on that restaurant booth!  I won’t name every story because like I said earlier, this was the first erotic book that I read back-to-back!  But I’ll tease you with one more; ‘The Hard Way’.  Cop and lawyer.  Enough said.

Rachel and her authors serve up another erotic collection that must be read, practiced, and read again. 


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